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I work remotely, which means, I am not afraid of conf calls all day long. If required for the project, I am ready to travel.

Currently, I spend 3 days per week as freelancer in client-related projects and dedicate the remaining time to build and improve my own projects.

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What can I do for you?

Start your project from a blank page

I have no fear of beginning with an empty file. Solving problems is the real thing. Tech is just the means. From code to creation.

References: See all my personal projects.

Code/Fix/Improve your SAAS/Web Apps

I can work on an existing code base, fix bugs, improve it and add new features.

Adapt to new people/teams

I like working in a team and awakening the intense energy that it hides when we align the paths of each member towards an identical goal.

Persevere till it works

I don't like to leave out bugs. Even if it's hard. Well, often a short walk with the dog is enough to resolve the situation.