Weekly Wrap-Up 2024 - Week 6

Index 25 Monday, February 5, 2024 - Sunday, February 11, 2024

TL;DR; I need to go out

This week, the girls were in the mountains while I stayed at home with the dog.

It’s the week where I can work without distractions but where loneliness is at its peak.

It’s a weird mix of feelings.

Starting the week, I added a yearly plan to momo.coach then, I went down the rabbit hole and added the ability to email files, invoices, quotations and reports.

Despite all these small victories, the result is bitter, yes, I have the impression of having a very short-term vision and it is slowly eating away at me.

I actually need to imagine further and take the 5 minutes to make a plan instead of running in all directions.

Well, I get it, trust isn’t something that happens by snapping your fingers.

And also, that I can't put all my energy into just one project.

See you next week, maybe it will be a little clearer.