Weekly Wrap-Up 2024 - Week 5

Index 24 Monday, January 22, 2024 - Sunday, February 4, 2024

TL;DR; Get out of my comfort zone

This week, I had to do several things at once. Redo things that I had put aside for 3 years.

And it put me in a state of fatigue, you can't even imagine. By Tuesday, I had a cold sore on my mouth because I was so stressed.

You see, it’s the big crossing, even if I have the impression of knowing where to go.

When you understand that you have to do several things at the same time and above all not neglect one or the other.

Change of perspective certainly, but I still have a sinking feeling in my stomach from a certain uncertainty.

As usual, salvation can only be in action and above all not letting emotions immobilize us.

But tomorrow is a new week!