Weekly Wrap-Up 2024 - Week 4

Index 23 Monday, January 22, 2024 - Sunday, January 28, 2024

TL;DR; Change of perspective

I got it into my head that I have to practice pitching MOMO every day. (Okay, every day of the week!)

For what?

Well, I'm simply too hesitant, even in French. And if I can't do it in French, I'll never do it in English...

I started on Tuesday, I spent almost the whole day there and I didn't even manage to record half of it. On Wednesday, I spent the whole morning there, this time, I have the entire demo, but it's not there yet. Thursday, I finally got there!

My little successes of the week in order of importance:

⭐ As always, practice is the only way. (That times it was with being able to present MOMO in French.)

⭐ I ignored a long time that having guidance, can makes you achieve your goal faster, but that’s the past. I acknowledge that I need it, you may need some also too.

⭐ Choosing and deciding on your main competitor makes me experience great relief. I don't need to have my mind everywhere at once and jump to every app that looks like or implements a part. Choose your competitor, the only 1 that you think is ahead of you.

Happy sunday!