Weekly Wrap-Up 2024 - Week 3

Index 22 Monday, January 15, 2024 - Sunday, January 21, 2024

TL;DR; Presenting momo.coach to FocusX

As you may know, if you read my post last week, this week I presented momo.coach to a private group called FocusX managed by Outofsigma.

I was clearly too nervous. I prepared all Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I presented my project with my broken English and my crappy French accent.

I survived, in fact I still put a little too much pressure on myself, I need to manage it better...

Some call it changing perspectives, others use the term coming down to earth. It's up to you to decide, in any case.

It's still funny that Oos, with my presentation of momo.coach managed to find a term for the sub-niche that I target (and that I seem to belong to).

For more than 5 years that I have been working on this project, I have not been able to define what the gentleman took less than an hour to tell me.

Damn, this is something to feel bad about! But truth be told, I see a light at the bottom of the path.

Besides, if you remember, I entered the Oos MDC discord in mid-August 2013, 22 weeks ago.

See you tomorrow, on the internet.