Weekly Wrap-Up 2024 - Week 1

Index 20 Monday, January 1, 2024 - Sunday, January 7, 2024

TL;DR Neovim plugin for momo.coach API

First week of the year, oops it’s already over!

Well, this week of forced vacation is about to end. And to tell the truth, I had fun: that is to say staying in my comfort zone, which translates into: above all not doing marketing.

For a long time I've been meaning to figure out how to make plugins for Vim.

Well, now that Neovim exists and we can make plugins in Lua, well that really scares me a lot less.

So, I started by migrating my config to Lazy.nvim since Packer.nvim is no longer maintained.

Afterwards, I made a first plugin momocoach.lua for momo.coach which allows me to use the stopwatch and create timeslogs.

Well took me Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Friday, I made another plugin, peutetre/openai-tts.lua which allows you to call the openai speech to text API on a selection of text. This will allow me to save at least 3 minutes per week. (I can now make a transcript of this text that you may be listening to now, without changing context, that is to say without leaving Neovim)

Happy Sunday wonderful people of the internet and see you next week.