Weekly Wrap-Up 2023 - Week 48

Index 15 Monday, November 27, 2023 - Sunday, December 3, 2023

TL;DR STARTING API for momo.coach

They all tell me to stop with a big smile, as if they had discovered the truth. Bullshit, I want to answer them. But the truth is that I myself don't know where I'm going.

Well, I'm exaggerating, I know what I want, but I'm afraid to say it. Fear of how others look at me, fear of the judgment that strangers might throw at me.

And all these tips! It's like when you start in any field, every expert has their solution.

Now, there. I'm looking for my solution.

My dream clients are not the entrepreneur, they are not the manager, they are the me of 20 years ago. Someone who starts working and who would like to be independent one day but who asks himself too many questions, because he comes from a family of non-entrepreneurs or even worse if it is the case of a family of failed entrepreneur.

Now I have to ask myself the question, how do I reach the me of 20 years ago. It is already having a product that works correctly.

It is also providing a guide, a how-to, a clear explanation on how to achieve independence already by exploiting your knowledge and your time.

Would a title like: "From Punk to Independance" have aroused my curiosity to the point of paying 10 euros to watch this content? or rather another title like "from beggar to financial independence"?

Oh and to return to my work of the week on momo.coach, now users can create secret keys up to 10 as well as the possibility of revoking them.

And the administrator can check the validity of a secret key and revoke it if a leak is known.

Happy Sunday