Weekly Wrap-Up 2023 - Week 41

Index 8 ⭐ Monday, October 9, 2023 - Sunday, October 15, 2023

TL;DR Re Soft launching momo.coach on Hacker News

⭐ On Monday, I felt a need to take some action, the Reddit post from Saturday was already past. So, I posted to Hacker News the same title (with the same little mistake) and solicited the people I know to click on the little triangle. I spent the rest of the day monitoring the logs, hoping to survive the wave.

⭐ On Tuesday, the wave slowed down as I was not any longer on the first page. I learned a lot, but what a stress!

⭐ On Wednesday & Thursday, I had to recuperate from the launch.

⭐ On Friday, I started to add some quick wins from the HN comments, and looked at the nginx logs to make a little analysis.

From that wave, 60 people signed up on momo.coach

⭐ On Saturday, I bought 21 pixel from buyapixel.co. That's 20 more backlinks to momo.coach 😎

⭐ On Sunday, I started thinking on how to onboard users and I am going work on it immediately! To do so, I am going first to listen to Product-Led Onboarding from Ramli John (thanks again Aleks Tiupikov for the very useful recommendation!)