Learning Marketing as a Developer

Created: 2023-08-02

momo.coach is almost ready for release! It still needs some polishing, registration of the UG, and then we can start launching.

This time, I will not make the same mistake I made 12 years ago when launching 123Abc (a small iPad app). I was missing THE BIG PART:


Firstly, I acknowledge that I need to learn. However, I do not want to resort to the obvious marketing techniques that I see all day long on the internet. There must be another way to avoid annoying people.

I started reading The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout. As an engineer, I could not resist the FOMO of the title!

Then, I asked the #buildinpublic community on Twitter 𝕏 for advice on what to read next:

Thank you, Anda, for sharing. Sometimes, a few words can make a difference.

Now, I am diving deep into all of Seth Godin's ideas and approaches. (There are plenty of Seth's interviews all over YouTube).

I will need more than one week to digest all this information... and to make a plan...