How to design websites in 2023

Created: 2023-07-11, 2023-07-12

For years, I had to beg designers for designs. And then came Midjourney.

💥 Boom! 💥

Everything changed. Now, I just need to type in my discord server something like:

/imagine purrfect company website's screenshot:: beautiful colors:: --ar 1:3 --style raw --v 5.2 --c 1 --repeat 10

Sure the prompt could be better...

Pet your dog 5 minutes and voila: 40 designs


Now, you have to repeat or update your prompt till you find 1 output following the right direction.

Liking a job influences the next output of the same prompt. That allows to refine the design without touching the prompt.

If you want to know more, just go RTFM: Midjourney docs. I am not your AI influencer.

But this process can be long. It feels like a drug, you hit the repeat button another time to get more endorphins and at the end of day you feel empty like if you had maid the image yourself.

Empty, now it is just time for bed, tomorrow with clearer mind everyting should works.

Spacecat sleeping in spaceship

Good morning, new Day, new Mind!

As you may understood from the prompt, I want to create a landing page for the domain - a side joke for - and Midjourney just nailed it with the following prompt:

/image purrfect company website's screenshot::1 beautiful colors::.9 beautiful illustrations::.5 --ar 1:3 --style raw --v 5.2 --c 1

Now I just need to transform the image in SVG with optimize it with SVGOMG, add some text and I am done. Go take a look at the result: